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We build up long term win-win business relationship with a wide selection of world-class brands’ suppliers. In order to provide competitive price and brands, we contribute coordination of logistics, as well as information and capital flows along the entire supply chain. We also have restricted terms and conditions to protect the interests of the brands and dealers.
Business Operating Conditions

Global Supply Chain

By Year 2020, 300+ suppliers from all major countries and regions


•  Year 2016, 10+ supply partners

•  Year 2017, 60+ supply partners

•  Year 2018, 180+ supply partners

•  Year 2019, 230+ supply partners

Channel Partners

1000+ Channel partners


•  20+ Five-star hotels and SPAs 

•  30+ Medical cosmetology institutions and beauty salons

•  40+ Supply chain partners

•  50+ Boutiques, buyers shops, collection shops, beauty makeup chains, cosmeceuticals chains

•  100+ Integrated e-commerce platforms, vertical e-commerce platforms, social e-commerce, MCN institutions, broadcast media

•  580+ Online retail partners

Sales Annual Compound Growth Rate

Compound annual growth exceeded 80%


•  In 2017, the annual compound growth rate of sales exceeded 300%;

•  In 2018, the annual compound growth rate of sales exceeded 120%;

•  In 2019, the annual compound growth rate of sales exceeded 100%;

Business Categories


•  Year 2016, 3 categories: skin care, makeup, perfumes

•  Year 2017, 5 categories: skin care, makeup, perfumes, hair care, body care

•  Year 2018, 8 categories: skin care, makeup, perfumes, hair care, body care, beauty tools, beauty instruments, light luxury accessories

•  Year 2019, 19 categories: skin care, medical beauty, makeup, perfumes, hairdressing and hair care, body care, personal care, beauty tools, beauty instruments, household fragrances, household products, household cleaning, maternal and child care, toys, 3C&household appliances, health food, OTC, adult products

Supply Brands

By year 2020, 500+ imported brands


•  Year 2016, 30+ international renowned and outstanding cosmetics brands

•  Year 2017, 60+ international renowned and outstanding cosmetics brands

•  Year 2018, 180+ international renowned and outstanding cosmetics brands

•  Year 2019, 370+ international renowned and outstanding cosmetics brands

Business Team


We look for talents worldwide and have a highly motivated workforce to improve teamwork. We aim to win together with our team members, clients and suppliers by building a sustainable business environment.
Global Supply Chain


Based on our multicultural team and operating resources, we can grasp market trends and needs quickly. At the same time, we can take quick action through the company's core channels on a global scale.

We work closely with over 30+ premium brand owners and distributors. After years of operations, we are able to provide solutions in a timely manner and help the brands to gain brand awareness and improve sales performance in China market. 

Client Relationship


Warehousing Logistics System


We have strong warehousing & logistics system and overseas warehouses. Also we invest a great amount of capital in supply chain management by building strategic cooperative partnership with Shared Service Framework (SAP). With supports from global shipping & logistics services, we have expanded domestic marketing and global marketing. 

Hong Kong Warehouse

Overseas Warehouse