Company Introduction


Established in 2012, Bay Blue (HongKong) Trading Co., Ltd is one of the first e-commerce full service solution providers for branded products. Our headquarters moved to Hong Kong in 2016 and since then we are recognized as an ideal supplier for luxury and niche fragrances, skincare and cosmetics in China and the Asian Pacific regions. Our talents are highly trained and qualified to meet all clients’needs . We are a fast growing company who expanded the business into new areas: health care and home life.
Development History


  • 2012

  • 2016

  • 2017.09

  • 2018.10

  • 2019.03

  • 2019.05

  • 2019.06

  • 2019.08

  • 2019.10

  • In 2012, founded and become one of e-commerce full service solution providers.
    In 2016, established Bay Blue (HongKong) Trading Co., Ltd.; entered the field of cross-border e-commerce; engaged in distributing imported beauty products and completed business transformation.
    In September 2017, set up Purchasing, Sales, Supply Chain and Logistics Departments.
    In October 2018, International Marketing Department was established to develop international business.
    In March 2019, E-commerce Department was established to develop cross-border e-commerce retail import trades.
    In May 2019, Middle-platforms Department was established to provide data support for efficient operations.
    In June 2019, Shanghai Operations Office was established.
    In August 2019, Overseas Business Division was established. Now we have offices in France, Italy, Germany and the United States, etc.
    In October 2019, Multi-categories Business Department was established to develop distribution business for medical cosmetology, medical care, maternal and child care, and household life, etc.
    Our Vision, Mission and Values


    • To become a leading company in beauty, health and lifestyle fields recognized by clients and the industry.


    • Contribute value and care to partners, clients and employees.
    • Bring outstanding brands worldwide for consumers who are in love and pursuit of quality life .


    • Professional, Efficient and Rigorous Client Services
    • Open, Progressing and Innovative Development Philosophy
    • Honest, Dedicated and Collaborative Enterprise Ecology