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Do you know the scent of Ludan?

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Speaking of many people in Ludan, it is possible to think of Berlin girls. The Berlin girl of Ludan is indeed very good. The slightly dangerous color always gives people a different kind of glamour, but this kind of glamour is How others can imitate the feeling that they can't imitate. In fact, Ludang's Berlin girl is already a higher-rated perfume, but it is not the highest-rated perfume of Lu Dan. Today, the little leaves come to talk to you about the three highest-rated Lu Dan's fragrances, the Berlin girl's bottom, which scores up to 9.4!

This most attractive must be its burgundy liquid, which is arguably the hottest of the Ludan perfume series. The gentle rose is matched with the spicy pepper, completely without the smell of fat powder, plus the bright red color, reminiscent of the tough German girl. The taste of the rose is dominant, the smell of the berry is just embellishment, and the sour taste of the fruit can be felt, but it is only a foil. This is a bottle of warm roses, this bottle of Berlin girl is very suitable for autumn and winter.

Launched in 2013, this fragrance has the early Shiseido style. As the third rose of the halogen egg, although it describes the rose, it highlights the hidden thorn, which is probably the "snake beauty in the girl's heart." The top note is the spicy pepper mixed with the faint powdery smell (sometimes I can smell the lychee), very aggressive, charming, and then the rich fragrance of the rose gradually comes out, with some medicinal and woody feelings, publicity Without losing the gentleness, the last thing is that the medicinal taste fades, the sweetness of the rose appears, and the lingering, looming, as if gently releasing the hand, the roses will be scattered. I am in this incense, I saw the girl in a white dress walking in the rose field, arrogant, free and rebellious, but polite. The rose tastes throughout the whole fragrance, and the various components, sometimes spicy, sometimes gentle, sometimes quiet, sometimes sweet, is a rare wood rose. Some of the top notes of pepper are rushing, but I like it very much. It is not soft and not artificial. It is the spicy flavor of pepper itself, with the taste of fat powder, charming and yet angry, and the mellow wood and medicinal taste of the ingenuity My heart, I can't stop, I can't wait to sleep with her every night. All in all, the Berlin girl is the "rose under the hood" in my heart.

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