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Bay Blue Beauty —— Luxury Cosmetic Chain Supplier

Asia Pacific Leading Brands Agent - Distribution - Retail - E-Commerce full channel Brand Operator.

Catagories: Skin care | Cosmetics | Perfume | Household | Body care | Personal nursing | Materinity and infant care | Beauty apparatus | Medical care | Medical beauty Over 300 globally renowned and prominent cosmetics brands from all over the world


We employ an international team of dedicated and dedicated professionals, build long-term professional training, achieve consistent goals and work together.

Our management team is composed of core figures with rich industry experience in international trade, beauty skin care, brand marketing, online retail and other key areas, and served as a purchasing director, operations manager, sales director, financial controller, and online retail operations director of multinational corporations, listed companies, and internationally renowned brands.

We have established an excellent and structured operational management organizational structure to ensure that all core departments are quickly and effectively coordinated.



Bring in good beauty brands with high reputation and innovation from all over the world


World cosmetics supply chain supplier

Come from the world and share with the world

To provide more possibillity on beauty for consummers who are in pursuit of and in love with high quality life


Be professional,highly efficient and rigorous on customer service

Be positive,open and creative on enterprise ecology


We have always been with the entrepreneurial mentality in the face of each different stage of development to create and break through the possible limitations,and constantly seek to climb new heights and achieve new breakthroughs. In the face of rapid changes and filerce competition in the industry market,we continue to predict and analyze the market,maintain a curious,keen and flexible attitude,and provide customers with more brand choice to meet and provide customers with different types of products through rapid business expansion.


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    Development Philosophy


Through brand cooperation and wide distribution channels around the world, we introduce excellent, classic,innovative and unique brands from all over the world with international vision and pursuit of perfectness.

Simultaneous with a comprehensive and quick understanding of the market and customer’s demands, we realize a quick response to the supply chain with the help of the company’s core channels spanning worldwide to coordinate business flow, material flow, capital flow and information flow.

Under the protection of both the brands and the interests of distributors, we do our business in the permitted market under the guidance of suppliers to fully provide our customers with competitive brands and prices.

2016-2018 SALES AMOUNT

2016 Over 30international renowned and outstanding cosmetic brands

2017 Over 100international renowned and outstanding cosmetic brands

2018 Over 200international renowned and outstanding cosmetic brands


10 + beauty agencies, SPA centers of five-star hotels

10 + supplies supply for five-star hotels

10 + supplies supply for five-star hotels

20 + cross-border e-commerce platforms and supply chains

50 + well-known cosmetics chain stores and cosmeceutical chain stores

1000 + online retail-channel partners


We constitute a strong commitment with all our core interests partners for the core values of PROFESSIONAL, EFFICIENT and RIGOROUS. Which is an important pillar drives our success.

Promoting the development and investment of the enterprise together when facing market changes and challenges.

We value much about the brands, distributors, and retailers to build mutual trust, respect, and fair treatment partnerships.


We are passionate about our customers.We establish professional customer service, unique marketing activities,and constantly enriched and innovated customer experience.


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Tmall Store(B2C)、E-tailers&Tmall Store(B2B2C)

global supply chain distribution map

North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia

Hong Kong/Overseas cooperative warehouse

Facing the global market,we have established a warehouse in Hong Kong and a number of overseas cooperation warehouses as our product reversal centers for global sourcing.We also have invested heavily in the construction of ERP,WMS warehousing supply chain systems and rapid global cooperative logistics to mainland China,HongKong and other overseas countries and regions.